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All of the Things

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Here is the gift for the person in your life who loves food and you want to treat them to an incredible selection of the best our shop has to offer. This box is jammed with:

Widmer’s 6 Year Cheddar

L’Amuse Brabander Goat Gouda

Pasamontes 3 Month Aged Manchego

Potter’s Classic White Organic Crackers

Nueske's Landjaeger

France 44 Summer Sausage

France 44 Beef Jerky

Rosemary-Brown Sugar Spiced Nuts

Organic Tunisian Fig Jam

Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

Thumbs Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies

American Spoon Mustard

Ames Farm Single Source Honey

Early Bird Granola

Marcona Almonds

Boska Cheese Planer 

  • Ames Farm Single Source Honey

    Ames honey is all-natural, nationally recognized, and made proudly in Minnesota. Each jar of single source honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in the state.

  • Potter's Crackers

    Potter’s whole grain handmade crackers and crisps are produced with locally sourced whole-wheat flour and local milk and butter in Madison, Wisconsin. Crispy, salty, and buttery, these flavorful crackers are homemade and delicious and pair perfectly with jam or cheese.

  • Opinel Olivewood Folding Knife

    The Opinel knife is a popular everyday item whose aesthetics and functionality have won over generations of users. It has remained unchanged for over a century, with a design that is one of the most successful of all time.

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