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Midwest Box

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We produce some pretty special products here in the Upper Midwest. This box represents some of the very best artisan products from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

$95 Midwest Box Includes

-Thumbs Cookies (Minneapolis)

-Ames Single Source Honey (Watertown, MN)

-Organic Potter's Crackers (Madison, WI)

-One chunk Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Dodgeville, WI)

-One block Widmer's 2 Year Cheddar (Theresa, WI)

-One wedge Marieke Gouda (Thorp, WI)

-House-made Spiced Nuts

-France 44 Summer Sausage

-Nueske's Landjaeger (WI)

$105 Midwest Box Includes

Steel Toe Size 7 IPA (St Louis Park, MN)— Big aroma and flavor of zesty orange peel, a dry and clean bitterness finishes in the most satisfying way possible.

$110 Midwest Gift Box Includes

Keepsake Wild Dry Cider (Dundas, MN)—We taste sour tropical fruit, wildflowers, and a bit of wood. WILD is our zippy, full spirited cider. bright eyed and bushy tailed! The perfect cheese pairing

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  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve

    A perennial bestseller, Pleasant Ridge Reserve pays homage to the great Alpine cheeses of Europe (Gruyère, Beaufort, Comté, to name a few) with notes of brown butter, stone fruit, and toasted nuts. It is also the only cheese we personally batch select each year!

  • Ames Farm Single Source Honey

    Ames Honey is a nationally-recognized farm right here in Minnesota! Each jar of single-source honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in the state.

  • Potter's Crackers

    Potter’s Crackers are produced with locally-sourced whole wheat flour and dairy in Madison, Wisconsin. Crispy, salty, and buttery, these flavorful crackers are the perfect vehicle to transport these delicious cheeses where they belong... your mouth!

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